Landscape Lighting Design is Property Defining

Landscape lighting design can mean the difference between an ordinary landscape and an extraordinary landscape, and at Executive Landscaping, Inc., we want to highlight the pride and care you take in your property. The landscape lighting design team at Executive has years of experience in designing and installing some of the best and brightest systems in the greater Pensacola area, and we’ve gained a reputation for the excellence of our work. We know the important role that lighting plays in creating a safe, functional outdoor environment; but we also appreciate that proper lighting is vital to enhancing the beauty of your landscape.


Customized, Quality Landscape Lighting Design

While any property owner can easily install a few serviceable bulbs in hopes of achieving a beneficial solution to darkened walkways or shadowy spaces, proper landscape lighting design addresses every aspect of the environment around it...both natural and manmade. At Executive, our professional landscape lighting design services offer our clients a range of options in products ideal to their budgetary needs as well as the needs of their property, and we pride ourselves on the quality of each system we implement. Before we take on any client, we want them to get to know us better; we invite them to take a look at any landscape lighting design that bears our name and explore the possibilities that we can provide them. We’re well aware that you’ve invested time and money to create your ideal landscape, and we want to illuminate that outdoor oasis you’re so proud of.

At Executive Landscaping, our reputation for integrity isn’t lost in the dark, and neither is your property. We’ll work with you to develop the perfect landscape lighting design to suit your needs, and any system we install will be created to respect and highlight your grounds. We look at each and every project as an opportunity to accentuate your image and enhance your curb appeal––even in the dark. Our landscape lighting design concepts are an ideal solution to accentuate decorative paths and spreads; driveways and walkways; low-profile hardscaping; water features including waterfalls and fountains; decks, pools, and patios; outdoor living spaces; and even hedges and gardens. The landscape lighting design team at Executive utilizes the innovative technology and smart-lighting solutions offered by Kichler Lighting products to provide you with quality systems that are energy efficient, environmentally friendly, and uniquely designed for outdoor use.


Landscape Lighting Design Secures Your Ground

The landscape lighting design team at Executive Landscaping, Inc., is highly skilled in creating beauty in the blackness, and as we plan your project, we take special care in selecting only the best solutions in wattage, directional positioning, height, and bulb type. We know that each component is crucial to the overall effect, and at Executive, we want each landscape lighting design we prepare to provide your property with lighting that is functional, appropriate, and able to magnify its beautiful features.

Safety is a relevant concern to any property owner, and Executive has years of experience in creating an ideal landscape lighting design that will provide a more safe and secure environment––even in hours of darkness. We’ll explore your landscape to identify any areas that might need particular care, eliminating and illuminating those trouble zones that might pose a potential danger or safety hazard.


Specialized Landscape Lighting Design

At Executive, our landscape lighting design team is licensed and certified in their field; and each member of that team is highly knowledgeable in the latest products, systems, and technologies. We maintain a close watch on industry standards and requirements so that each of our projects is beautiful, functional, and up to code. We know how to navigate preexisting cables, lines, and pipes; we consider infrastructure and realize the restrictions of each individual property. At Executive, we don’t believe that landscape lighting design is one-size-fits-all, so we take the time and effort to create at fully customized solution to suit your needs.

At Executive Landscape, Inc., we want your property to glow brighter than the stars! Let us shine some light on us for all of your landscape lighting design needs today!