Lighting Landscaping Services

Our lighting landscaping services include innovative, intelligent LED lighting as well as more traditional incandescent designs, which means that we at Executive Landscape can provide lighting landscape services and solutions for any outdoor space or application.


Landscape Lighting Installation

Our clients look to us to provide them with the best solutions for their landscaping needs, and at Executive Landscaping, we believe that the beauty of any outdoor space should be highlighted––regardless of the time of day. With that in mind, we can present a full range of options for everything from simple sidewalk lighting to more intricate projects that give any landscape the look and feel of an outdoor oasis.

Executive Landscaping has proven itself an industry leader of landscaping services in the greater Pensacola area, and we’re proud to say that leading-edge extends into the realm of landscape lighting installation. We offer our clients the expertise of a knowledgeable team with years of experience in landscape lighting installation, and we’re dedicated to providing our clients with only the highest level of care and products in the marketplace.

When clients are considering a landscaping project, they often don’t realize the key role that landscape lighting installation can play in achieving their ultimate goal. Even so, a well-lit lawn is invaluable in the end; and the return on the investment will prove itself time and again. In addition to addressing security concerns, outdoor lighting is a great way to accent a garden, offset a water feature, or play up a pool. Outlining a sidewalk or driveway with LED lighting is both a functional and beautiful approach to making any path more safe, and the experts at Executive work closely with their clients to find the best possible solutions for every aspect of their landscape lighting needs.


Certified Landscape Lighting Installation

As certified providers for Kichler Lighting, we’re able to give our clients the best of the best, with a full line of options from LED accent lamps to submersible water lighting. Each client’s landscape lighting installation needs are as unique as the landscape itself, so we’ll explore the benefits of everything from placement to bulb strength. At Executive, we want our clients’ properties to light up the coast, and our knowledgeable team is fully equipped with innovative products that are cost-effective, energy efficient, and technologically advanced to ensure that we are enhancing the design and beauty of every property in our care. We offer design plans and installation services to our clients that address the natural elements of their properties as well as any specially installed features to ensure that proper measures are taken to preserve integrity, function, and beauty.

Every client who comes to us seeking advice can be confident that we will study their space and design a plan that will satisfy not only their vision, but also their budget. Landscape lighting installation offers countless benefits and endless possibilities for both commercial and residential properties; and at Executive, we’ve made a name for ourselves with the quality of care and excellent service we provide our clients in delivering designs that fully enhance their grounds. Even the smallest spaces can be refreshed with the proper illumination, and hiring experts who specialize in landscape lighting installation is one of the best methods of finding the most functional, complimentary, and efficient products and plans for those spaces.

At Executive, we believe that lighting adds brilliance to the community, and we’re dedicated to delivering on the reputation we’ve built as a leader in all aspects of landscaping solutions. Whether a client is contacting us solely to design a plan for landscape lighting installation or is one of our regular maintenance customers, we are unfailing in our dedication to service and excellence. We want to provide our clients with that special finishing touch and guide them in their vision.

We’ll tailor plans to add the ideal amount of light to a range of projects, including:

  • Decorative paths and spreads
  • Areas of low-profile hardscaping
  • Waterfalls and other water features
  • Deck and patio lighting
  • Accent lighting for gardens
  • Outdoor living spaces

Lighting is an important component to curb appeal, and any property owner would be wise in considering the available options to their specific landscape. The time and attention to detail required to maintain an outdoor space should never be lost in the darkness, and the friendly professionals at Executive Landscaping make it a large part of our goal to serve our clients with beauty and brightness, from sunrise to sunset and beyond.