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Land Clearing Before a Landscaping Project

Much like most landscaping projects, there are different degrees of land clearing. Ranging from the all-inclusive clear-every-last-square-inch-of-the-lot missions to the much more “manageable” clear-out-the-overgrowth tasks that many homeowners face after they’ve begun to consider finishing out their landscaping. Land clearing is never a simple matter of breaking out a few tools and setting to work.…

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Landscaping In Stages

No one loves the idea of having to sink a big chunk of change into a project all at once. But having to scrap your vision in favor of the cheapest solution shouldn’t be the only option, either. Fortunately, landscaping on a budget is possible, if you do it in stages – or phases, if…

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Energy Efficient landscaping


Simple Tips for Energy Efficient Landscaping In this day and age of “going green,” it’s little wonder that so many people have turned that focus on ways that their homes function, from the appliances they choose for their kitchens to the light bulbs they use in the bathroom vanities. Energy conservation is a huge concern,…

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Why Is Landscaping Important


Why is Landscaping Important? If you’re like most people, you don’t think about landscaping much further than it being a “finisher” for a property, kind of like an accessory around a building or a home. And yes, it’s certainly significant for adding curb appeal, but the importance of landscaping is actually far more than you…

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Will Landscaping Fabric Kill Grass?


Will Landscaping Fabric Kill Grass? Keeping grass healthy, vibrantly green and lush is naturally a task anywhere –much more so in Florida, where the temperature often swings wildly and the extreme heat taxes plants to their breaking point. We also battle against the humidity and our lack of naturally nutrient-dense soil, working instead with sandy…

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The Impact of Landscaping on Resale Value

Landscaping’s Impact on Resale Value When someone buys a home, they look at the immediate appearance, judging from what they see on that visit to decide whether or not they want to sign on the dotted line. And one of the things that naturally gets attention is the natural qualities it possesses – the landscaping.…

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Is Landscaping Tax Deductible?

tax deductable

Tax time is a part of the year that most people dread. It brings with it mad scramble to get everything together to file with the government so that the IRS has no reason to come knocking. And while we would all love to claim every little thing we do to our home or property…

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Which Landscaping Zone Am I In?

landscaping zones

You already know about the country’s division into time zones, but the map is also divided into various sections called landscaping zones. Gardeners and growers refer to the USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map delineated by each of these zones to determine which plants are most likely to thrive in a particular location. Each landscaping zone…

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4 Beautiful Entryway Landscaping Ideas


“Curb appeal” is a phrase that comes into play when people are assessing the overall look of a home – the appearance or appeal of it – from the curb. It relates to what you see on that first approach of a home or property, from the health of the lawn to the style and…

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Solving Drainage Issues? Call a Yard Drainage Expert


Solving the Sogginess with a Yard Drainage Expert The wet spots that stay wet in your yard after a heavy rain or after you’ve run your sprinklers aren’t just annoying – they’re problematic. Those soggy areas turn into areas of dead grass as the grass becomes too drowned in water to survive. Wet ground also…

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