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Get Your Spirits Up with a New Outdoor Bar Design

Shake Up Your Space with Outdoor Bar Designs When you’re enjoying some relaxing time outside, one thing that you need, yes NEED, is a cool, refreshing drink. It’s a simple fact. For anyone with a custom deck building project in the works, now is the perfect time to incorporate outdoor bar designs that seamlessly work…

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Finding the Ideal Appliances for Your Outdoor Kitchen

Appliances Make Your Outdoor Kitchen Shine Picture this: an outdoor kitchen worthy of the greatest chef or the most fired-up grill master, equipped with everything one could imagine all under the open sky. Really, that open sky is the limit, as having the proper design will give you an outdoor kitchen that not only meets…

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Deck Out Your Space with Custom Deck Building

Custom Deck Building Ideas to Deck Out Your Space There’s far more to a great backyard than just stunning landscaping. In fact, the BIGGEST way to make a backyard stand out is with a great deck or patio. Custom deck building will allow you to incorporate various elements into your space that an ordinary, run-of-the-mill…

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Commercial Hardscape Ideas

commercial hardscape ideas

Boost Business With Commercial Hardscape Ideas The word “commercial” doesn’t have to mean boring – especially when it comes to landscaping and hardscaping ideas. Think about it: If curb appeal is important in selling a home, how much more so is it vital in selling a company? Well, maybe not selling it so much as…

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Hurricane Tips for Your Yard

hurricane tips for your yard

Handy Hurricane Tips for Your Yard When you live in Florida, you quickly learn how to get your family and yourself ready for hurricane season. You stock up on bottled water and non-perishable foods, batteries and flashlights. You know the whole drill. You’ve even got all the necessary tools and materials to batten down the…

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Summer Weather Landscaping

How Summer Weather Impacts Your Yard When you’re making plans to do something that involves being outdoors, you generally do something like checking the local weather forecast. But when your outdoor plans are landscaping-related, you’ll need to consult something that people have been relying on for centuries: the Farmer’s Almanac. Far more reliable than those…

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Outdoor Lighting Ideas

Bright Plans for Outdoor Lighting Simple as it might seem, outdoor lighting is actually a pretty important landscaping feature. The key to making it be all that it can be is knowing WHAT exactly you want it to do. Defining its purpose and assigning it a function will dictate the type, placement and number of…

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Trimming Palms

Expert Tips for Trimming Palms Pruning is an important part of maintenance for any type of plant or tree, but many people seem to forget about palms when they go about their task of pruning. Low maintenance though they might appear, palms actually do require regular pruning to keep them healthy and growing strong. Even…

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Landscaping Ideas for Shade

Landscaping Ideas for Shade When it comes to outdoor space, shade can often present one of two situations. Either you need more of it in certain areas or you have too much of it and need to take measures to counteract some of its effects on your landscape. Regardless of which case pertains to your…

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