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The Impact of Landscaping on Resale Value

Landscaping’s Impact on Resale Value When someone buys a home, they look at the immediate appearance, judging from what they see on that visit to decide whether or not they want to sign on the dotted line. And one of the things that naturally gets attention is the natural qualities it possesses – the landscaping.…

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Is Landscaping Tax Deductible?

tax deductable

Tax time is a part of the year that most people dread. It brings with it mad scramble to get everything together to file with the government so that the IRS has no reason to come knocking. And while we would all love to claim every little thing we do to our home or property…

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Which Landscaping Zone Am I In?

landscaping zones

You already know about the country’s division into time zones, but the map is also divided into various sections called landscaping zones. Gardeners and growers refer to the USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map delineated by each of these zones to determine which plants are most likely to thrive in a particular location. Each landscaping zone…

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4 Beautiful Entryway Landscaping Ideas


“Curb appeal” is a phrase that comes into play when people are assessing the overall look of a home – the appearance or appeal of it – from the curb. It relates to what you see on that first approach of a home or property, from the health of the lawn to the style and…

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Solving Drainage Issues? Call a Yard Drainage Expert


Solving the Sogginess with a Yard Drainage Expert The wet spots that stay wet in your yard after a heavy rain or after you’ve run your sprinklers aren’t just annoying – they’re problematic. Those soggy areas turn into areas of dead grass as the grass becomes too drowned in water to survive. Wet ground also…

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Terracing for Beauty and Function


Great Benefits of Terracing Most people have heard of terracing but not everyone is familiar with what it is or what function it serves. Terracing is a landscaping feature that looks a great deal like a staircase in that it has multiple levels of elevation or steps. Terraces are a great addition to any type…

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Do You Have a Landscape Design Plan?


A Landscape Design Plan for Your Yard If you’ve ever tried completing a project without having a plan, you know it’s not usually a wise thing to do. Things turn out far from the way you imagined they would, whether in look or in actual function. This means all that work was for nothing. Similarly,…

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Top 5 Gorgeous Growing Vines


Top 5 Growing Vines When you’ve got a limited amount of horizontal space to grow plants, it really limits your options for great landscaping. One of the best ways to add some life and color to your outside space is by creating vertical structures like pergolas or trellises with growing vines. Some vines are better…

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Jump in with Cool Pool Landscaping Designs


Pool Landscaping Ideas to Make a Splash Pool landscaping is something that often falls by the wayside. Many people rely on their pools to do all the work in making their backyards seem interesting. But even the most impressively sized pool falls flat without the right features surrounding it. From fully-decked out patio spaces to…

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Create a Dreamy Sleeping Porch

When you live in the South – especially the COASTAL South – porches are not so much an option as a necessity. And one of the best ways to enjoy a porch is to transform it into a dreamy space known as a sleeping porch. Once upon a time, sleeping porches were a common part…

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