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Landscape Architects

Pricing for outdoor Fireplaces

Lighting the Fire Under Your Budget for an Outdoor Fireplace Naturally, the cost of installing an outdoor fireplace will hinge on the features and materials you’ve chosen. From freestanding to built-in, prefab to custom-built, wood-fueled or gas powered, there are quite a few things you need to consider in outlining your plan of attack. Each…

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Pricing for Retaining Walls

Retaining a Budget in the Midst of Building a Retaining Wall If you’re a wise homeowner, you know well the importance of creating a budget for all things home related, whether they’re inside your home our outdoor features. Retaining walls are something that definitely need to be budgeted for, as the materials and design you…

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Pricing for Fire Pits

Factors That Can Fire Up the Price of Fire Pits The warmth and glow of a roaring fire have undeniable appeal, especially on chilly nights you’d like to spend some time outside. Regardless of the reading on the thermometer, however, a fire pit can be the perfect way to enjoy the outdoors after the sun…

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Pricing for Patios

Key Points in the Price of a Patio A patio is a patio is a patio, right? Wrong. There are so many things to consider when you’re thinking about installing a new patio, and it involves much more than just the size and the placement. Not that those two little details are, in fact, all…

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Pricing for Outdoor Kitchens

The Cost of Cooking Much like the costs of kitchens in homes can range in price – no pun intended – the expense of outdoor kitchens can also vary greatly, depending, naturally, on a number of factors. First off, of course, there is the size of the kitchen. How big a space you dedicate in…

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Get Out! Creating the Ultimate Backyard

Create a Perfect Outdoor Space! One of the biggest trends in recent years has been in outdoor living and creating areas that accommodate everything from simple little gardens to full-on spaces worthy of dinner party invites. Naturally, those spaces are designed according to the actual living style of the homeowner; but with the range of…

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Create The Outdoor Man Cave of Your Dreams

outdoor man cave

Are you ready for some football? That’s an easy yes, but the real question might be: Is your man cave ready for the big game? And there is an even better question: Are you ready for an awesome outdoor man cave? That’s right; we said outdoor man cave. Fall weather on the Gulf Coast is…

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What Custom Landscaping Professionals Can Do For You

custom landscaping

The exterior of a home or business makes a first impression that is difficult to duplicate. You may want a nice yard that is functional for your purposes. However, achieving what you visualize can be extremely challenging without help. Keeping your outdoor spaces looking well-kept once you get them the way you want can be…

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